Leaders in Renewable Energy Planning and Engineering Solutions

Our mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions


Our energy services team works to help our clients reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, and develop alternative and renewable energy solutions.


The innovation and vision of Maevelle Energy’s clients are expanding the boundaries of sustainability. With an understanding that decisions made today will impact the world for years to come, our clients are directly addressing the need to produce clean energy and seizing the opportunity to use less energy by deploying energy efficiency measures for their facilities and installations.


Maevelle Energy does not offer a standard solution. We tailor our efforts to meet each client’s and each project’s specific needs. We have the expertise to create and build the tools needed to answer the challenging questions our clients bring to us. Whether it is developing a unique test method, developing an accurate system model or analyzing the financial nuances of project alternatives, our culture of continuous learning means that we’ll produce a result our clients can depend on.


Maevelle’s clients have learned that our advanced thinking, engineering expertise and disciplined project management result in quality solutions that raise the bar across the market.  With the help of Maevelle, they maximize their financial, environmental and social bottom lines.